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Outbound predictive dialers – What you need to know?

Outbound predictive dialers are an outbound calling systems that automatically dial from a telephone number list. Similar to other kinds of autodialers, predictive dialers will call numbers automatically and assist agents in screening for busy signals, no-answers, disconnected numbers, and voicemail.

The difference between outbound predictive dialers and their automatic alternatives is the ability to use call metrics to predict the moment when an agent will be available to take the next call. Also, predictive dialers can dial up multiple numbers at the same time to call the right number of leads at the right time. This way, predictive dealers ensure the maximum level of agent usage.

How do they work?

Outbound predictive dialers predict the time when an agent will be available, make the next call, and then dial numbers for the agent. They use algorithms to guess the exact time when an agent could be finishing up a call, and then immediately dial another number for him or her. That’s how agents get a steady stream of calls with little or no downtime, significantly increasing their productivity. If you think about the fact that dialing a number can take up to 30 seconds, imagine how many minutes per day predictive dialers save.

Predictive dialers are used mostly in telemarketing, market research, customer service follow-up, and debt collection. Moreover, some lead qualification agents use them to maximize the time they spend on calls with their leads during outbound sales prospecting.

Outbound predictive dialer benefits

With outbound predictive dialers, it’s easy to assign calls to available agents. You don’t have to wait for an agent to become available, which means there is almost no possibility for bias. Predictive dialers help to organize and also manage the client database, which leads to efficient maintaining of all your relevant records systematically.

They can also assist in blending calls in a call center that has to deal with outbound sales and inbound customer service. Moreover, outbound predictive dialers help improve the efficiency of all the agents on your team by giving each one an equal chance to recover. Therefore, using this technology can enhance the relationship between the administration and the workforce. Also, these dialers help keep your database up to date all the time.


Outbound predictive dialers have proven to be very useful, with studies showing them increasing productivity up to 200% – 300%. Anyone still dialing manually should definitely consider implementing predictive dialers. They will save you a significant amount of time, improving your company’s efficiency and, consequently, your sales results.