Make every connection count.

The simple, smart & efficient contact center solution

Simply put, we make it simple.

We get it. You want a simple solution that works and help to be there when you need it. We also know that it takes several parts to make a great contact center, and our solution is solely designed to make your job run simply, smart and efficient. And to top it off, we always offer friendly support to back you up everyday.

What it takes to be a great contact center

Every successful contact center has several features that all perform and work well together. We know we can do our part in building that seamless operation.

A great contact center needs:

1. Good Agents
2. Good Data
3. Great Software

This is where we come in

A great contact center needs:

1. Ability to connect
2. Ability to manage
3. Ability to track performance

This is what our software is built to do

Bells and whistles? We’ve got them all.

The truth is, everyone offers pretty much the same exact features. Other companies try to bundle things, have add-ons and fancy terms for their products but we just offer one solution – everything. We get to know our clients and tailor a custom solution for your business that makes everyone work happier and smarter. No confusion. How about that?

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Priority Routing
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Voicemail Routing
  • Coaching
  • TCPA Compliant
  • Monitoring
  • Barging
  • Interactive Voice Responder
  • CRM Integrations
  • Agent Desktop

  • Contact Database
  • Call Recording
  • At Home Agent Capabilities
  • Agent Scripting
  • Reporting



Roll over to see features

Roll over to see features

Manager Dashboard

Average Wait Time

Live calculation which adjusts over the day to account for the average time that an agent is waiting in between contacts.

Average Handle Time

Live calculation which adjusts over the day to account for the average time that an agent is in a call when contact is made.

Dial Level

The speed the dialer makes calls. Increasing this will increase numbers called by the dialer per agent.

Contact Rate

Indicates dialer’s success connecting your agents to
your data.


The ability for managers to interact between agents and customers and provide guidance and support.

Agent Dashboard

Contact Information Display

Customer-defined field display with full in-line edit capability

Call Dialer

Ability to manually dial a call using virtual phone

Script Display

Customer-defined scripting populates based on call type

Transfer Buttons

Customizable call transfer capabilities to individuals or departments

Honestly, support is a sore subject for other companies, but not us. We brag about our long-term, dedicated and unique support. We know that down-time is a big problem and we aim to be ready to solve any issue on the spot. We hang our hat on knowing that we offer the best support in the industry.

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