The Starter Pack for Startups

To be efficient in your business, you will need to use the right tools, apps and everything that can improve your efficiency and contribute to your business results. It’s vital that you choose the right tools from the start if you want to grow a successful business. Luckily, there are over thousands of devices available, but sometimes it can be challenging to choose the right ones for your business. To help you make the right call, we bring you the starter pack for startups.

 Square Up

It is the perfect tool that allows you to run your business from any place in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Tools include online invoicing and mobile point-of-sale, next-day deposits, inventory management, and so much more. If you’re unable to find a good Internet connection at some point, you will be happy to hear that Square Up also works offline.

 Google Apps for Business

This is one of the most efficient collections of tools for any business in any industry, and it should be a part of your starter pack. Their plans start from only $5 per user per month, and you get access to numerous powerful tools for your business. With Google Apps, you can easily centralize your team’s communication, integrate email, storage, video meetings, forms, calendars, and so much more into one single hub. Also, it has numerous great plugins to ensure you enjoy using it even more.


This is an online project management platform that enables teams to collaborate on all kinds of jobs. With Basecamp, all team members are organized and on schedule due to very powerful calendars, to-do lists, and various boards. For those who want to try it out first, there is a 60-day free trial. Their plans start at $20 per month after your trial period is over. Don’t forget to include it in your starter pack!


For every startup, contracts are vital to keeping things running smoothly. Just one misunderstood details can have a negative impact on your business. With a great tool like EchoSign, you can quickly and easily capture legally-binding signatures on contracts, purchase your orders, and so much more. Your customers can even sign documents from their devices at home. Prices for EchoSign start from $15 per month, and after purchasing, you can be sure your documentation will be on track.


As a startup owner, you will probably need email marketing. With Aweber, you can create your email lists and send out regular updates to your clients. Huge potential lies in the email marketing so why not make the most of it with this fantastic tool? Aweber allows you to try it out for 30 days for free after which you can choose the package that suits your business best.


If you start researching, you will notice hundreds and hundreds of apps for your startup. To save time, choose the ones that could bring valuable benefits to your business. You don’t need all of them for your starter pack. After all, you can always stop using apps when you’re not satisfied anymore and find the alternative. Just be sure to do your research first!

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