How can you benefit from using an IVR?

The business world is moving towards self-service more and more every day, and interactive voice response (IVR) is an essential tool for it. IVR uses technologies such as touch-tone or speech recognition to identify and route callers to the most skilled agents. That way, IVR delivers greater efficiency on both sides. As it’s been on the market for a while now, it has demonstrated numerous benefits which made it a vital tool for contact center customer experience. We bring you five key benefits of the IVR and explain why you should consider to implement it in your business.


IVR systems have numerous rich features that improve the self-service experience. Probably one of the most powerful features is allowing customers to tap their way through visual menus and reach agency very quickly.

IVR technology provides customers with a possibility to get into an agent queue, and it supports text-to-speech in multiple languages on inbound and outbound sides. With IVR, customers can indeed have a much more fulfilled experience as they enjoy more features that are suited to fit their needs.


There is probably nothing more frustrating than wasting your time listening to endless menu options. Luckily, with IVR, customers can easily skip the options they don’t need and, therefore, save time.

Consequently, the number of dropped calls also decreases as customers can choose to be called back when their wait time is longer than they’ve expected. Not to mention that the feature of being routed to an agent with adequate skills helps customers get the information they need without having to go from one agent to another.

Improving mobile customer experience

In today’s world, we all own a smartphone. Its usage is continuously growing as people prefer a mobile experience over desktop when searching the Internet or even doing business. As a result of that, many companies now offer mobile-optimized customer service to increase the satisfaction of their customers.

For those customers who are always on the go, IVR is an ideal technology as it allows them to reach out for support even when in-store. That’s why IVR plays a crucial part in improving sales results. After all, customers will more likely purchase if their questions are answered efficiently.

Enhancing agent’s performance

As IVR technology is truly efficient, it enhances the service experience for both customer’s and agent’s sides. Each time a customer is routed to the most skilled agent for his inquiry, the level of productivity increases. That helps agents to resolve cases more quickly and provide their customers with the assistance they need at the moment. Also, when agents are matched to the roles that fit their skills, they will be more confident, and their results will be much better than before.

Reducing costs

Of course, we can’t talk about the benefits of IVR technology without mentioning one of the most important ones – cost effectiveness. Call centers will reduce cost when they implement this system as customers will make fewer calls, so the agents will not have to spend so much time on the expensive voice channel. Also, when compared to traditional IVR, visual IVR cost less to deploy which provides customers automatically with the information they need and eliminates the need for additional agent training.

 Excellent customer experience happens when both sides have a tool that enables them to do and give their best. At Telesero, we know how beneficial is an IVR system for companies, so we offer it as part of our services as well.

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