5 Must Have Apps For Call Center Managers

A successful call center manager is always focused on its team and finding ways to improve
their productivity. Keeping your agents satisfied and motivated while keeping tracks of goals
and deadlines can be challenging sometimes. However, as a call center manager, that is a
skill you need to develop if you want to be great at your job.
It’s not uncommon that managers feel overwhelmed and overlooked when facing so much
pressure every day. To maintain their success, many call center managers are using various
apps and tools which help them by keeping track of everyone’s performance allowing you to
focus on more important matters. In this article, we bring you 5 must have apps for call
center managers which you should already be using.

1. Monday

Sometimes it’s hard even to organize your own activities as there are so many of them, and
memorizing your team’s duties can be really frustrating. To avoid a potential chaos and lack
of quality management, why not use an app that does all of that for you? Monday is being
used in 76 countries by many call center managers due to its simplicity. This solutions
significantly improves communication between your team members and improves their
productivity. Not to mention that by having an app that memorize everything for you, you will
completely eliminate human errors in various processes. If your call center is concerned
about security and privacy, Monday is a great solution for you as it protects all your data


2. Asana

This is another great call center software solution that suits all types of businesses, from the
smallest one to the ones with thousands of employees. Asana allows you as a call center
manager to easily follow your team’s and each member’s progress as it gathers all details in
one place. By choosing this solution, your team will become more efficient in executing their
daily and other activities and ensure they meet their deadlines. Asana has over 100
integrations to choose from and enables companies to bring emails, files tickets and so
much more to this platform.


3. Gong

If you’re looking for a conversation intelligence platform that will record, transcribe and
analyze all of your sales calls and interactions, Gong is the right choice for you. It will
significantly increase the effectiveness of your sales conversions. This cloud-based app will
enable your team to collaborate and use call intelligence to become more successful while
interacting with your customers. With Gong, call center managers can easily understand
what questions their best call center agents are asking, what is the average time of
discussing prices and what the ratio of talk-to-listen is. Another beneficial feature for
managers is transcription and indexing of all calls so the agents can easily find any
reference they need.

4. When I Work

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to schedule, manage attendance and
communicate with your team members from your mobile device or your computer. It’s a
cloud-based solution that helps companies track their employee’s performance by creating
schedules, adding new activities to the calendar, review timesheets and fill shifts. Your team
members will get mobile alerts each time their schedule changes and they can request a
shift change or time off through the app. It’s a great way to avoid schedule conflict and
improve communication between team members.

5. Agile CRM

This call center software solutions will help your team with its highly efficient tools. With Agile
CRM you can, for instance, close tickets much faster and make sure your customers are
utilizing your product the right way. Numerous features with advanced telephony integrations
such as outbound and inbound calls, call routing, tag-based calling, help desk ticketing, call
recordings and reports, and many others will improve your communication process and the
efficiency of your call center.

Being a call center manager is much easier if you can rely on some of the useful solutions
on the market. Having time to focus more on your team and their performance by giving
them guidance instead of tracking everyone’s processes, goals and deadline all the time will
bring numerous benefits to your call center


The Starter Pack For Startups

To be efficient in your business, you will need to use the right tools, apps and everything that
can improve your efficiency and contribute to your business results. It’s vital that you choose
the right tools from the start if you want to grow a successful business. Luckily, there are
over thousands of tools available but sometimes it can be challenging to choose the right
ones for your business. To help you make the right call, we bring you the starter pack for

1. Square Up

This is the perfect tool that allows you to run your business from any place in the world as
long as you have an Internet connection. Tools include online invoicing and mobile
point-of-sale, next-day deposits, inventory management, and so much more. If you’re unable
to find a good Internet connection at some point, you will be happy to hear that Square Up
also works offline.

2. Google Apps for Business

This is one of the most efficient collections of tools for any business in any industry and it
should be a part of your starter pack. Their plans start from only $5 per user per month and
you get access to numerous powerful tools for your business. With Google Apps, you can
easily centralize your team’s communication, integrate email, storage, video meetings,
forms, calendars, and so much more into one single hub. Also, it has numerous great
plugins to ensure you enjoy using it even more.

3. Basecamp

This is an online project management platform that enables teams to collaborate on all kinds
of jobs. With Basecamp, all team members are organized and on schedule due to very
powerful calendars, to-do lists and various boards. For those who simply want to try it out
first, there is a 60-day free trial. Their plans start at $20 per month after your trial period is
over. Don’t forget to include it in your starter pack!

4. EchoSign

For every startup, contracts are vital to keeping things running smoothly. Just one
misunderstood details can have a negative impact on your business. With a great tool like
EchoSign, you can quickly and easily capture legally-binding signatures on contracts,
purchase your orders, and so much more. Your customers can even sign documents from
their devices at home. Prices for EchoSign start from $15 per month and after purchasing,
you can be sure your documentation will be on track.

5. Aweber

As a startup owner, you will probably need email marketing. With Aweber, you can create
your own email lists and send out regular updates to your clients. Huge potential lies in the
email marketing so why not make the most of it with this amazing tool? Aweber allows you to
try it out for 30 days for free after which you can choose the package that suits your
business best.



If you start researching, you will notice hundreds and hundreds of apps for your startup. To
save time, choose the ones that could really bring valuable benefits to your business. You
don’t need all of them for your starter pack. After all, you can always stop using apps when
you’re not satisfied anymore and find the alternative. Just be sure to do your research first!