9 Ways Telesero Disrupted the Call Center Industry

$45 billion is the current valuation of the Call Center Industry in North America alone. What would it take, amongst the Generation Z technological revolution, to disrupt the ground the giant stands on? How can Telesero help elevate the auto dialer industry towards future growth and success by providing an overdue “reality-check” on auto dialing software?

1. Hassle Free Interface: Making Call Agents Lives Easier

Your agents have enough on their plate. The last thing you want them to be doing is trying to figure out a complicated interface and wasting time. As we know, in the call center industry, time is money. What you need is more time for the agents to focus on making sale after sale while delivering great customer service. Most importantly, Telesero’s auto dialer interface offers easy navigation by providing important client information to the forefront of an agents screen. That means less time spent on complex technology, and more time for the agents to focus on what matters. Telesero has managed to engineer hassle-free auto dialer user interface.

2. Time-Saving Automation: Boosting Call Agents Productivity

In the call center industry, it is often a game of numbers. No matter how great the pitch or how useful the product, often the key to success is keeping the volume of calls high. In a digital world looking to save time through automation, the call center industry can no longer stand by the manual dialing process as a feasible business solution. How can we boost the productivity of call center agents with automation? Telesero has a smart auto dialer system which automates the dialing process directly from your data and allows control over a call center s call flow. Telesero’s smarter way of handling lead data has disrupted the call center industry and left the competition trailing far behind. In addition to dialing automation, Telesero’s interface also automates disposition statuses after calls. This allows agents to move forward to their next call and focus on the next sale.

3. 24/7 Auto Dialer Instant Customer Service: Responding in Less than a Minute

Not everyone in your call center is going to be comfortable with adapting to new technology. What happens when someone in the company is experiencing a problem and no one in-house is available to help them? Telesero’s team provides advice, troubleshooting, and assistance around the clock. Not only are they available via chat, but you can also contact them by phone or email for your convenience. Perhaps you need some help making sure that an important batch of leads is input into the dialer and this is critical to your campaign’s success. Telesero sees themselves as your business partner and will always be there to guide and assist with keeping agents talking. On top of this, they boast average response times of less than 30 seconds when it comes to support. In conclusion, lightning fast service, eagerness to help and quality responses that support call centers in successful campaigns.

4. API Architecture: Making Application Integration Easy

Using API Architecture has become a critical component for application integration and successful operations management. Using API architecture allows you to bring more applications and functions into one place and removes the repetitive data entry tasks while increasing productivity. Telesero recognized the benefits of allowing application integration and made sure to make it as easy as possible for you to reap those benefits. Gone are the days of outdated architectures and poorly performing call center software. Telesero is here and it has finally disrupted the call center industry for good.

5. Prebuilt Application Integrations: Having Forethought of Application Synergies

Wouldn’t it also be great if your auto dialer software had some prebuilt application integrations too? Perhaps those integrations could be some of the biggest and most widely used applications in the call center industry? Telesero has it covered: offering more pre built integrations every month, they currently offer prebuilt integrations with SalesForce, Marketo, Zendesk, Shopify, LimeLight, Zoho and Konnective CRM. No need to invest thousands in coding fees for you to integrate applications, Telesero has the forethought of application synergies, and that s the kind of partner you need in business. Technological advancement has proven time and time again that you either adapt and grow or fall behind your competition. Telesero understands that prebuilt application integrations save you time and money.

6. Access Levels: Keeping Data Secure and Protected

Keeping your data secure is paramount to your competitive advantage when running a call center. Giving away your leads, or allowing them to leak from the company, is the retail equivalent of sending people away from your shop and into the next. We all recognize that data-security starts at home. That’s why Telesero developed access levels on their portal which can restrict the visibility of different roles within the company. Of course, it’s important to trust employees, but it’s also important to make sure you’re not leaving yourself open to new entrants in the market. Giving you the control on who sees what and who has access to what is a great step in tech security. Once again, Telesero continues to prove that they have the forethought and ability to disrupt the call center industry with their breakthrough technology.

7. Cloud-Based: Allowing Scalability and Stability

How fast do you think you re going to grow with Telesero? Judging by the tech they’re providing, you have all the apparatus you need to start skyrocketing. This potential is why it is important to find an auto dialer software that is cloud-based. It allows you to scale-up as demand increases and provides flexibility to adjust as your call center grows. Telesero has pushed aside competitors that don’t allow their clients to easily scale-up. Therefore, our cloud-based solutions allow for better performance across the interface and a greater level of stability than obsolete competitors.

8. Mobile Friendly: Monitoring On-the-go

You live a busy life. You’ve got a hectic job in the call center, you’re trying to make sure your team has their work schedule under control while working to ensure that the team is well trained and sales-driven. You’ve got multiple campaigns running at the same time and trying to keep track is stressful. Our tight schedule makes a mobile-friendly interface a crucial element to our auto dialer software. You can make sure you are able to access your tools from anywhere, anytime with any device. Monitoring progress on-the-go allows you to update stakeholders and provides insight while you might not be able to be in office. Telesero’s mobile-friendly interface makes accessing the portal easy from anywhere at any time.

9. Powerful Reporting and Analytics: Providing Insight for Business Decisions

Great businesses don’t guess. Great businesses make decisions based on real data and a thorough understanding of how their company, their people and their data are performing. We offer powerful reporting and analytics tools push vital information into view exactly when you need it. An intelligently designed dashboard integrates real-time analytics into performance management of call center agents. Right off the bat, you can identify average wait times, total sales and which agents are currently in a call. This is just a fraction of the insight that Telesero’s reporting and analytics tools allow you to achieve. In conclusion, we have been able to identify the need for easy access to performance management analytics.

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