How bad data is affecting your business and what to do to change it

Bad data and bad leads can cost you so much money and, sometimes, they can even destroy your business. Having such data will undoubtedly harm your marketing performance and sales results. After all, if you don’t have good, quality leads, how do you plan to make a profit?

Bad data happens in every company across various industries. The problem is not their existence; it’s the inability, lack of knowledge or any other reason responsible for not eliminating it and bringing in good data. Regardless of the negative consequences, some companies will fail to do something about it.

Knowing they’re working with bad leads, salespeople will lose their motivation even to call the leads as they already assume they’re bad ones. It will directly lead to poor results which will have an impact on the whole company. What can be done to turn the situation into your favor? Can companies go from bad leads to good ones and improve their sales and marketing results?

 Data Detox

The best way to deal with bad, toxic data is by data detox. It’s a process of eliminating all the bad leads your company has and focusing on acquiring only the good ones in the future. Yes, it will be time-consuming, but you have to get rid of everything that is killing your business first if you want to see it grows in the future. Delete all those general email addresses that usually start with a word such as ‘info’ or ‘office.’ As you start deleting them, you will realize your list of leads is getting shorter and shorter. In the end, you will have left with good leads, no matter the number.

It will result in having a healthy database which can improve your effectiveness by calling the leads that will respond and potentially be interested in what you have to offer. To grow a robust database, you will need to get your team on board. Sales, marketing, customer support, technicians, and other departments should work on that. All starting from updating old data to turning those ‘info’ email addresses into addresses from real people. If all departments are focused on increasing the number of quality leads, the number of closed deals will consequently grow as well.

 Good data hygiene

Once you’ve done your data detox, you shouldn’t forget about that practice. Your data needs your constant attention. That means that every person who has access to your database should be focused only on quality leads. They should also be aware that bad leads are something you don’t need as it will not bring any benefits to your company. With good data hygiene, you will save time which you would usually spend on deleting bad leads or thinking of finding alternative email addresses for companies in the database. Also, organizing your data improves efficiency. This way, you will eliminate duplicates, inactive contacts, mismatches, etc.

As you get used to having a good database, you can start thinking about expansion. You can add details like social media accounts or even birthdays to engage your leads even better. Anything that helps you have a complete picture of your customers will also help you close the deal. With more information, the quality of the conversations will be enormously improved and personalized.


For those companies that don’t have the time or enough employees to focus only on data management, organization or any other strategy, there are plenty of free and paid tools that ensure your company gets quality leads. Of course, it’s up to the company to choose the way it wants to deal with its data, but one thing is for sure – bad data should be handled immediately.

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