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We have developed a set of features that will actually work for your business.

Survey Super Capacity

Develop sustained competitive advantage by reaching up to 5 million people per day using the omnichannel broadcasting platform.

Automated Dialing Scheduler

Automate your dialing schedule and identify peak times in your dialing. Telesero lets you eliminate the human error from the list management on a daily basis.

Intelligent Targeting

Identify peak times and patterns in your customer base and intelligently target them during these times to increase production.

Intelligent Routing

Drastically improve the efficiency of your call center environment with intelligent routing. Identify top performers in the organization and prioritize them to receive opportunities first.

Dynamic Caller ID Mapping

Caller ID Mapping identifies your outbound caller ID with your customers’ area code which helps increase the answer rate and customer interaction.

A/B Testing

A/B testing feature developed to help you learn and optimize your efforts. Using the robust reporting capabilities allows you to A/B test every factor of your business process.

SMS Contact Suite

Keep an open dialogue with your mobile customers. Send rule-based SMS messages to your customers or broadcast messages using the SMS suite.

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