Dial with no worries

DNC Scrubbing and Compliance

It’s crazy out there. In today’s world, it’s vital to make sure your company is utilizing either DNC-scrubbed lists or a Do Not Call list scrubber in order to stay compliant with the telemarketing sales rule. Contact centers are a great way to generate business, and Telesero helps in this regard. We want you to feel secure in everything you do at your contact center.

Federal DNC Scrubbing

DNC scrubbing is a way to remove names and numbers from your company’s call lists that appear on Federal, State and Direct Marketing Association (DMA) lists. Telesero provides professional Federal DNC list scrubbing services.

Whether you’re utilizing a Consumer or B2B list, DNC List Scrubbing is one of the most important services to perform before getting on the platform and starting your campaign. Lately, people are using their mobile phones for both personal and business use, and if a number is registered on the Do-Not-Call list, even if it is a business, you’re at risk. Telesero alleviates this.

Blacklist TCPA Litigation Scrubbing

Scrub your lists against all phone numbers ever involved in DNC or TCPA. This is one of the most effective DNC/TCPA safeguards and will help your company stay compliant when calling potential customers.

Today, a good TCPA previous litigation call list includes every landline, VoIP and cell number associated with each case, and we can help implement a Real-Time scrub to block any calls to these numbers.