Call Center Employee Rewards

Making sure that employees are happy, motivated and satisfied with their jobs is one of the vital parts of every successful business strategy. However, many businesses struggle to achieve that. Happy employees will be more productive, proactive and focused which will directly have an impact on your business results. When talking about call center employees, it’s even more important to keep them happy and motivated. After all, they are the ones who are making the first contact with your potential customers.

What can these firms do to motivate their employees? Here are a few call center rewards ideas you can use to show your agents how much you appreciate them.

 Time management

Call center agents will surely appreciate if you reward them by allowing them to select working hours for themselves. Of course, this doesn’t mean they should choose hours which are not suitable for your business. By letting them manage their schedule, you will boost the motivation of the employee you are rewarding. If you have many agents, you can divide them into groups, and the best group can choose their working hours first. It is one of the healthiest and most effective rewards for call center firms as time management is one of the crucial factors for agents. Also, as this reward doesn’t cost you a thing, you can run this contest all the time.

 Small things

We can all agree that most of the times small things are what brightens up our days. These things can be finding a parking spot quickly, getting a free coffee in your favorite coffee shop or anything else that might put a smile on your face. Companies can do the same for their employees. Giving your agents perks will motivate them and make their day more enjoyable. Depending on your possibilities, you can provide preferential parking spaces, gift cards for coffee shops near the office, option to choose their lunchtime, and so on. However, the best way to reward call center employees is to realize what small things are important to them. For instance, maybe the majority of your employees love yoga so that you can reward the best agent with a yoga class each month. It can be anything as long as it will make your employees motivated.

 Personalized gifts

This type of reward for your best call center employee is exceptional as it directly shows yours and your company’s appreciation of that employee. Some might think personalized gifts are cheesy or over the top, but who wouldn’t feel motivated after getting a customized mug, t-shirt or anything similar? It can say so much more than just ‘The Agent Of The Month.’ You can use humor or anything else your employees would like. For instance, if your best agent loves comic books, you can create an image of his hero and add a personalized note. Caricature drawings are always a good idea if you’re not sure what to give to your employees. Also, you can reward those who are celebrating the first anniversary of working in your company or more.


All in all, it’s not essential which particular reward you choose as long as your employees know you appreciate their work. Keep in mind that they need to feel they are a part of the team to be productive. If a person doesn’t see itself in the company, you can’t expect that a gift can change that. Companies with most satisfied employees are the ones that genuinely want to know their employees better and take time to do that.

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