Our New Auto Dialer Agent Interface: Ahead of the Curve

New Look, New Functionality – A little fresher, a little simpler, and (we think) a little better.

Operating in the call center industry can be tough. There is a great deal of competition out there and that’s why Telesero works hard to give you a competitive advantage. With an auto dialer and user-friendly agent interface, your company can start to set its sights high and build on their campaign success. You can find out about how Telesero does that by getting a free demo of our auto dialer software here. As a tech-innovator, a company must continue to adapt to its environment. We promise to continue to update our systems to stay the best in the field for you.


Agent Friendly

Our new look is more user-friendly and has a modern appearance. Your agents have enough on their plate. In other words, they won’t be spending their time trying to figure out a complicated auto dialer interface.


Telesero’s new agent interface makes navigation easier and provides important client information at the forefront of the agent’s screen. Therefore, less time spent on figuring out what to click, and more time for agents to make sales.


As we know, in the call center industry, time is money. What you need is more time for the agents to focus on making sale after sale, while delivering excellent customer service. This is our primary motivation for the update.

Staying Ahead

As a tech-innovators, Telesero’s job is to stay ahead of the competition and give you the advantage over your competitors. As a result, we are able to accomplish this by continually updating our auto dialer interface.

Faster Backend

The new auto dialer updates allow the system to load and respond faster than before. In other words, this means less time waiting for the interface to respond to your instructions and higher productivity levels for agents.

New Features

The new updates include a couple of new features which make the interface more interactive. Our new options allow agents greater ability for seamless transitions between sales and the next call. Telesero is continually developing new features for their call center agent interface to help make more sales and build your bottom line.

Try a Free Demo of our Auto Dialer

Get in touch with us here, and we will arrange for you to see exactly how powerful your company can become with the help of our auto dialer software. Telesero sees itself as the business partner to your call center needs with a fantastic 24/7 live chat. In conclusion, we are proud to say that all technical requests are answered within seconds, not facing the regular ordeal of waiting for a reply for days or weeks.

Request a free demo now and unlock your business’ true potential by modernizing your lead management processes.

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