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Another year has gone by and it’s incredible how time flies! It’s been 365 days of experimenting, reaching impressive new milestones, and improving our dialer system products. Overview This year, we celebrated our 4th anniversary, we’ve expanded our HR boundaries and invited ten new gifted folks to come on board. Including, but not limited to, a new Head of Operations & Client Relations and several Technical Support Reps. Our dialer system is operated mainly from
Telesero Auto Dialer Call Center
New look, new functionality – A little fresher, a little simpler, and (we think) a little better. Operating in the call center industry can be tough. There is a great deal of competition out there and that’s why Telesero works hard to give you a competitive advantage. With an auto dialer and user-friendly agent interface, your company can start to set its sights high and build on their campaign success. You can find out about
Telesero is a auto dialer company.
$45 billion is the current valuation of the Call Center Industry in North America alone. What would it take, amongst the Generation Z technological revolution, to disrupt the ground the giant stands on? How can Telesero help elevate the auto dialer industry towards future growth and success by providing an overdue “reality-check” on auto dialing software? 1. Hassle Free Interface: Making Call Agents Lives Easier Your agents have enough on their plate. The last thing
Auto-dialers are computer-based or software-based systems that automatically get numbers from a list and dial them. Auto dialers can either connect the person on the other line to an interactive voice response (IVR) system or to a live person. Advantages of Using An Auto Dialer In outbound selling, auto dialers help sales agents by eliminating the some aspects of the physical effort needed such as filtering and making calls . An auto dialer can identify