A unique contact center experience


Automatic Call Distribution – ability to call multiple contacts at once keeping call flow up for agents.

Priority routing

Routes calls to the next available agent based on wait times or customer defined agent routing.

Time of day routing

Systematically knows which numbers are in which time zones and will only call based on set “working hours”.

Voicemail routing

Setup virtual voicemail boxes for inbound numbers and campaigns.


Interactive Voice Responder – the ability to customize the script and selections.


Ability for manager to listen to live calls and retrieve recorded calls after the fact for review.


Ability to take over a call for escalation purposes or to help an agent in distress.


Ability to “whisper” to agent without the contact being aware.

CRM integrations

Ability to API to most major providers.

Agent Desktop

Agent interface designed to streamline the agent experience and control consistency.

Contact database

Ability to search and store contact information with or without a CRM integration.

Call recording

All calls are recorded and stored with the ability to search and retrieve the conversations

At home agent capabilities

As a cloud-based solution, you are no longer restricted to on-premise hardware. Any agent can work from home and be monitored by management with the same functionality as if they were in the room

Agent scripting

Customizable scripting for agents – ability to have multiple scripts for multiple situations


Both administrative and performance reporting available in our reporting center