2018: A Year All About Teamwork at Telesero

Another year has gone by, and it’s incredible how time flies! It’s been 365 days of experimenting, reaching impressive new milestones, and improving our products to serve your needs in the best possible way.


This year, we celebrated our 4th anniversary, we’ve expanded our HR boundaries and invited ten new gifted folks to come on board. Including, but not limited to, a new Head of Operations & Client Relations and several Technical Support Reps. Our dialer system is operated mainly from our HQ in New York, but our teams are distributed across the globe. Made up of 20% remote workers, we’re working to expand our remote workforce as we continue to grow. At last count, our TLS-team hail from 6 different countries, from the US, Spain, UK, Russia, Ukraine to the Philippines. We’re so proud of the multicultural team that grants us many opportunities to learn about diverse cultures.

This was an excellent year for us when it came to our improved auto dialer and customer service procedures. Primarily when we brought on board our new Head of Operations & Client Relations, Alexandra. We’ve been able to extensively grow the support and development teams under Alexandra’s guidance. We will continue to make sure that our clients are diligently supported 24/7.

Compared with 2017, where we solved 6,149 support requests, we were able to wrap up over 18,300 requests in 2018. We’ve also had 1,100 client training interactions over the course of the year. User analysis is a continuous journey and we’re working to become more and more focused on user satisfaction, productivity, performance, and retention.


One of the most significant challenges we’ve seen over the past year is the emerging gap between our teams regarding communication and collaboration. After thorough research, we learned that this psychological distance had a lot to do with a lack of understanding of the other team’s role, duties, and deadlines. With this in mind, we introduced new procedures that allow us to work together by sharing knowledge and contributing to our success. There isn’t an overnight fix, but we strive for improvement and not perfection. We’re already seeing that teams are happily working on their responsibilities to grow communication today.

The start of 2019 also revealed a new beginning for us concerning branding. We realized that the time had come and 2019 was the year to bring our goals to the next level. The Telesero rebranding project, which has been meticulously researched, will be released throughout 2019.

2018 was a year of various challenges and breakthroughs for us. 2019 will be the stepping stone to an entirely new company and amazing new products.

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